Anybody that didn’t see them are losing out on the best

My husband had 21 teeth with new crowns and a porcelain implant to complete his treatment, the implant will be completed in February 2016 and he will have a new mouth of new teeth. I had whitening of my teeth as they were a little yellow in colour but in perfect condition. David needed his teeth done as they were ground down due to age and having been having trouble chewing his food due to having only 1 side to chew on. The distance travelled from Australia was worth every kilometer and would recommend it to anybody for major or minor treatment, yes it was good (great) value for the money. I will never need treatment on my teeth ever again.
The only trouble I had was the 2 treatments getting them ready for the crowns. Even that wasn’t that bad. The best part of the treatment was the lack of discomfort the the entire procedure.

We were recommended by a friend to have a talk with them about my teeth so I had an xray to see what work was required, the quote for 21 teeth including airport pickup was outstanding. I compared their price with other countries (Bali, Thailand, Japan etc) and no-one came close. The way they treated me and my wife was outstanding and very professional and the clinic is so clean and sterile. We have no hesitation in recommending Dr hung and his staff to our friends and family. I recommend this treatment to anybody who has the quantity of work that was needed rather than dentures. These are just so natural and they feel clean in my mouth.
The quote I got was 50% cheaper than other quotes I got from Bali Thailand and other places we got quotes from.
I would like to add more about the staff that work for Dr Hung. The way we were treated from the very firs day was overboard. They were just fantastic. We are going back in February 16 to have the implant on 1 tooth completed. I can’t say more about this company. Anybody that didn’t see then are loosing out on the best

From: Mr &Mrs Millmann.

Treatment: Porcelain crowns

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