All of the staff here will take good care of you

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“For many years I have been needing to get major work done on my teeth and after visiting my local dentists in Australia it became clear the costs were going to be significant to carry out all of the work needed. I visited Dr. Hungs clinic in HCM in October 2017 and was provided 2 quotes to get all the work done and finally the much needed work i wanted was financially an option for me. I came back in late December and had 21 crowns put in, 3 porcelain inlays done to replace old metal fillings and had 3 old teeth extracted (which I will get implants done later). I would like to thank the team of Dr Tri and his dental assistant Tram for all the hours they put in with me and the professionalism shown by the dental technicians in getting my crowns to look like my old teeth. As they have all the facilities in the same building this allowed them to have me finished during my 2 week Xmas holidays, fantastic!. I haven’t had a smile like this since I was in my 20’s! I recommend anyone who is thinking of coming here to do so, all of the staff here will take good care of you. Thanks everyone – Gray”.

From: Mr. Graeme Ellis

Dental treatment: Porcelain Veneers.

Graeme Ellis




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