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“My name is Yolanda. I’m from Vancouver – Canada and I’m extremely happy with my results at Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center. The implants and porcelain crowns were very well done. Many thanks to the team who helped me with my severe anxiety at the dentist! The idea of going to the dentist would send shivers to my bones. Hearing the sound of the drill much less the vibration would trigger Trigeminal pain and Tics. This is why I have avoided going to the dentist and why the condition of my teeth has gotten worse to the point where I could not chew normal food.
The staff was very friendly and the clinic was impeccably clean. I’m feeling much more confident and beautiful with my new smile and cannot express how grateful I am to the team at Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center. I will definitely recommend the clinic to everyone.
Thanks again, Sincerely Miss Yolanda “.



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