I am very happy to say that they have been met and exceeded

“This was my second visit to dr. Hung’s clinic.
I returned after 4 months to have my tooth implant completed and this time to also have porcelain veneers done on nearly all of my teeth (top and bottom).
In Australia I was told that I couldn’t have it done due to extensive bridge work I had done in a past. The cost of replacing two bridges and 23 units of porcelain veneers was extreme and unaffordable.

I discussed the plan with dr. Hung who made a treatment plan and made it possible for me to get my new smile.

I was amazed with advanced technology at dr. Hung’s clinic and how they managed to do exactly as we planned.
To correct my alignment, lengthen my teeth and make my bike higher, thetefor to improve my facial aesthetics as well as functuality with my new teeth.
I was impressed with the professional standard of work that I received and I admire dr. Hung for his personal/ professional goal, to strive for perfection.

Being a medical professional myself my expectations were high and I am very happy to say that they have been met and exceeded.

Thank you to the whole team at dr. Hung’s clinic to dr. Loc who earned my total trust and supported me every step of the way, to dr. Lan for her pain free local anesthetic injections, to all the doctors involved in a teamwork and last but not least thank you to the nurses and reception stuff for warm welcoming every time and keeping a good conversation that was so important during my treatment.

I would recomend this clinic to everybody not just to my friends and if my words aren’t enough please see my before and after photo.”

From Ms Marika Smetka
Clinical Nurse Specialist/ Lecturer in Nursing


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