I would most definately recommend Dr HUNG and Associates

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“Having had a root canal treatment a number of years ago and a number of other teeth that were in poor condition due to football and some neglect I knew that I needed to get some dental work done. My wife also had some issues with her teeth so we decided to make a holiday of it at the same time. I ended up having four veneers and a crown done and could not be happier. My wife required some implants. I would most definately recommend Dr HUNG and Associates to anyone who is wondering about the decision to travel to Vietnam to have their teeth done and already have so to several friends. A work colleague recommended Dr HUNG in Ho Chi Minh city.
On our initial visit we were amazed at the quality of the equipment, staff and the professionalism from everyone in the complex. The 3D scans that they do of your mouth picked up issues that my wife was not aware of. To be honest there probably was some shock initially of the work that was required but Dr HUNG and the staff sat down and explained our options leaving us to make the final decision.
Once the decision was made the work was done in a very professional and helful manner. Being met at the front door to the surgery by the front desk staff who were always so helpful and caring and that attitude carried through with all of the staff during the duration of our stay helped to make it all go easier. The overall cost was a fraction of what it would have cost in Australia and the results speak for themselves.”
From: Mr & Mrs Andrew Campbell – Australia


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