(require 4-5 appointments in 5-7 days)

First appointment:

  • Intra-oral examination
  • Taking CT X-rays for the overall condition of the jaw


  • Taking impression for study cast
  • Discussion between the dentist and the patient on how to design the most ideal smile, using Smile Design Pro software (read more about Smile Design)


Results with the Smile Design Pro software

  • Root canal treatment if needed (require an extra 1-2 day(s) if root canal treatment is assigned) – (read more about Root Canal Treatment)

Second/Third appointment:

  • Crown preparation: 20 min/crown (anesthetist’s support is available if required)
  • Study cast
  • Teeth color selection and making temporary crowns
  • Dental cast is given to the Lab to make the permanent porcelain crowns.

Porcelain crown production in our dental lab requires 1-2 days (read more about Porcelain Crown Production Procedure)


Third/Fourth appointment:

  • Try-in and install the crowns

Fourth/fifth appointment:

  • Re-examination and adjustment (if needed)


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