Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center is committed to providing our customers the top-quality oral health care services and perfect treatment results at an affordable price.

ServicesUSD Price / UnitUnit
A. ExaminationFree
B. Imaging
Cephalometric X-ray15
OPG X-ray20
CT 3D Cone beam25
Teeth cleaning & polishing20 – 25both jaws
Teeth cleaning & Air Abrasion30 – 35both jaws
Deep clean1501 jaw
Deep clean250 – 300both jaws
Periodontal Pocket Treatment25per tooth
Periodontal Pocket Treatment with laser50per tooth
Composite filling20 – 30per tooth
Bonding to treat exposed root40per tooth
Periodontitis laser treatment50per tooth
Root canal treatment150 / canal
200 / 2 canal
250 / 3 canal
Root canal treatment (complex or retreatment)300per tooth
Canal medication10per canal
Straumann 1,550per implant
Nobel Biocare 1,500per implant
BioHorizons/Hahn/US 1,400per implant
Tekka (France) 1,200per implant
MIS (Germany) / Megagen (Korea) / Dentium (Korea) 1,100per implant
Zygoma(please contact us directly for pricing)
All on 4 (US implant/Nobel/ Straumann) & temporary denture (per jaw)7,600 / 8,000 / 8,200per jaw
All on 6 (US implant/Nobel/ Straumann) & temporary denture (per jaw)11,000 / 11,500 / 11,800per jaw
All on 4 (Dentium) & temporary denture (per jaw)6,400per jaw
Temporary fixed denture on implants1,000per jaw
2 Dentium implant supporting denture with magnet 3,000per jaw
2 Dentium implant with removable denture on titanium bar 3,800per jaw
Home whitening tray75both jaws
Laser Zoom 2 whitening200both jaws
Gingival depigmentation using laser150 / time,
225 / 2 times,
300 / 3 times
Composite bonding100per tooth
Emax  Veneer350per unit
Ultrathin veneer375per unit
Inlay/onlay200 – 250per unit
Porcelain fused to metal crown150per unit
Zirconia crown & bridge (per unit)300per unit
HT smile crown350per unit
Emax crown375per unit
Nacera crown400per unit
Precious metal (gold/platinum)(market price)
Zirconia/HT smile crown on implant450per unit
Nacera crown on implant500per unit
Abutment on implant250per unit
Titanium post core25per unit
Carbon post core50per unit
Gold post core(market price)
Cutting crown/bridge10per unit
Tooth on denture50per unit
Complete removable denture1,000per jaw
Titanium frame/Maryland bridge (not including teeth)250per frame
Biosoft based frame (not including teeth)250per jaw
Titanium bar on implants + removable denture2,800per jaw
Fixed bridge with acrylic resin teeth on implants3,200per jaw
Fixed bridge with full zirconia teeth on implants (all on 4)3,600per jaw
Fixed bridge with Nano teeth on implants (all on 4)4,800per jaw
Fixed bridge with full zirconia teeth on implants (all on 6 & Zygoma)4,000per jaw
Fixed bridge with Nano teeth on implants (all on 6 & Zygoma)5,200per jaw
Metal braces2,000 – 2,500per case
Self-ligating metal braces2,500 – 3,000per case
Ceramic braces2,500 – 3,000per case
Crystal braces2,500 – 3,000per case
Self-ligating metal braces3,100 – 3,500per case
Lingual braces4,900 – 6,500per case
Invisalign4,500 – 5,500per case
Removable retainer150both jaws
Fixed retainer75both jaws
Bone graft (allografts & xenograft)300per area
Bone graft800per area
Mandible nerve repositioning surgery(please call directly for pricing)
Membrane graft200 – 350per tooth
Screw to stabilize membrane50per screw
Closed sinus lift500per side
Open sinus lift800per side
Gum graft300per tooth
Apicoectomy surgery150per tooth
Tooth extraction50 – 75per tooth
Piezo atraumatic extraction – wisom teeth100 – 150per tooth
Piezo atraumatic extraction – tilted teeth150 – 200per tooth
Piezo atraumatic extraction – impacted teeth200 – 250per tooth
Piezo atraumatic extraction – tilted & impacted teeth300per tooth
Piezo atraumatic extraction – near mandible nerve350per tooth
Cosmetic Gum Surgery/Teeth lengthening100per tooth
Surgery for maxillary & mandibular protrusion wassmund and kole procedure3000per case
Bilateral sagittal split osteotomy4500per case
Orthognathic surgery & jaw contouring5500per case
Mandibular bilateral sagittal split osteotomy4500per case
Mandibular angle reduction/oval/Vline7000per case
Snoring & sleep disorder breathing treatment500 / time
900 / 2 times
1,200 / 3 times
Night guard & occlusion adjustment100per tray
Local anesthesiafreeper case
Sedative anesthesia (< 1 hour)200per case
Sedative anesthesia (1-2 hours)300per case
Sedative anesthesia (> 2 hours)50 per incremental hour
General anesthesia (< 2 hours)750per case
General anesthesia (2-3 hours)1000per case
General anesthesia (> 3 hours)100 per incremental hour
Frenectomy325per case