The quality is excellent and the attitude is great

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“I had a very pleasant experience in Dr Hung’s clinic. I put three crowns on the existing implants and one new implant. They managed to fix wat was done wrong on the previous stage (Superline implants) and used a new modern technology for the new implant (Nobel BioCare). An atraumatic tooth extraction and putting a new implant was absolutely painless.

I am from New Zealand, and even with travel costs it was cheaper in the end of a day.
The quality is excellent, the attitude is great. I recommend.
The clinic building is nice and clean. As I learnd the building itself is four years old, what is very good.
All the personnel form doctors to assistats are very porfessional, polite and friendly. The doctors are quite pedantical in a good way, they do thier job very well. I had been feeling a valued patient for all the time i spent here.”

Treatment Received: Dental Implants

From Olesya Molina – Russia

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