Beauty Prices

Worldwide Dental & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is committed to providing clients with high-quality cosmetic services at an affordable cost. Below are the prices for our various cosmetic procedures.

Beauty Pricing

STT Service Cost
Eyelid Surgery
Non-incisional Upper Eyelid Surgery 600
Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery 900
Eyelif surgery correction 900
Combo Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery 1300
Brow Lift 600
Alar Base Reduction 400
Nose Tip Surgery 600
Nasal Augmentation with silicon implant 1100
Nasal Augmentation with surgiform implant 1500
Nasal Augmentation (dorsum + tip) with silicon implant 1200
Nasal Augmentation (dorsum + tip) with surgiform implant 1600
Closed Dorsal Augmentation Rhinoplasty (Silicon Implants) 1700
Closed Dorsal Augmentation with surgiform implant 2100
Open Dorsal Augmentation Rhinoplasty with silicon implants 2100
Open Dorsal Augmentation with surgiform implant 2600
Dorsal Augmentation Rhinoplasty (Cartillage) 3600
Hooked Nose Rhinoplasty 1800
Body Contouring
Cheek Liposuction 900
Chin Liposuction 900
Armpit Liposuction 1700
Arms Liposuction 1700
Waist/ Back Liposuction 1900
Upper Abdominal Liposuction 1700
Lower Abdominal Liposuction 2600
Full Abdominal Liposuction 3800
Mini Tummy Tuck 4300
Full Tummy Tuck 5100
Thighs Liposuction 3000
Calves Liposuction 2100
Breast Surgery
Nipples Reduction 400
Inverted Nipples 900
Aerola Reduction 600
Breast Reduction (level 1) 1900
Breast Reduction (level 2 and above) 3000
Breast Augmentation (Mentor/Motiva Round Shape) 3000
Breast Augmentation (Round Shape with Nano Chips) 3400
Breast Augmentation (Teardrop Shape with Ergonomic Nano chip Motiva) 4700
Breast Augmentation (Teardrop Shape with Mentor/Allergan) 4900
Breast Augmentation (Teardrop Shape with Mentor MemoryGel) 7200
Buttock Surgery
Buttock Augmentation with Implant (nano chip motiva) 5500
Forehead lift 1500
Facelift 3000
SMAS lift (face & muscles lift) 5000
Neck lift 2300
Neck & muscles lift 4000
Lower face & neck lift 4000
Lower face, neck & muscles lift 6000
Fat Grafting
Eyelid Fat Grafting 600
Fat Grafting – Forehead/ Cheeks/ Laughline/ Chin 1100
Fat Grafting – Combo 2 areas 1500
Fat Grafting – Full face 1900
Fat Grafting – Buttock 900
Fat Grafting – Hands 1100
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Fat Transfer to the Labia 1100
Vaginal Tightening 1100
Labiaplasty 1100
Combo Fat Grafting, Tightening, Labiaplasty 2100
Chin Augmentation with Silicon Implant 1100
Chin Augmentation with Surgiform Implant 1700
Botox Injection (25 units) 200
Filler (1cc) 500
Thread lift
Collengen extra 600
Eye lift with PDO thread 900
Forehead lift with PDO thread 900
Mid-face lift with PDO thread 1300
Face lift with PDO thread 3600
Nose lift 0
Eye lift with gold thread 1700
Forehead lift with gold thread 1700
Mid-face lift with gold thread 2300
Face lift with gold thread 6000
Additional fees
General anesthesia 600
Sedation 300

*Pricing for cosmetic surgery procedures might vary depending on the complexity of the case.

*the price above are starting price

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