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Breast reduction surgery to achieve the beauty perfection

The excessive volume of the breasts, also referred to as breast hypertrophy, can make women feel low about their appearance while struggling with pain and discomfort in their daily physical activities when having overly large breasts. That’s why many women look for proper methods to reduce breast hypertrophy following their breast size expectations. This article from Worldwide Dental and Plastic Surgery Hospital aims to walk our customers through every step of breast reduction surgery to consult you on our best services and advices.


Definition of breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction is a type of surgery that helps remove excessive tissues and skins in the breasts to achieve proportional breast size and shape to the body. At the same time, it helps reduce discomfort during daily activities.

Excessively large breasts cause many physical and functional problems (neck, shoulders and back pain, difficulties when practicing sports, when dressing, etc.). The condition also affects their mental health, as they may feel complex for being physically unattractive or fearful of body shaming. Therefore, breast reduction surgery is not only a cosmetic solution to improve body shape and appearance, but also to free women from their mental fears.


Causes of breast hypertrophy?

Breast hypertrophy or mammary edema can occur in a variety among women. Causes are:

  • Genetic factors: Breast hypertrophy occurs in the early years of life.
  • Hormonal factors: Imbalance in hormone development during puberty, pregnancy, childbearing or during premenopause.

For cases relating two causing factors above, the act of treating breast hypertrophy problems as soon as possible is crucial for women to regain a balanced appearance and confidence in social relationships in these cases.

Breast reduction

Candidates of breast reduction surgery?

  • People with saggy or excessively large breasts that result in an unattractive appearance.
  • Women over 18 years old who wish to improve their bust size.
  • Those who have given birth then want to enhance their breasts to become slimmer and firmer.
Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgical methods

Breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgery helping to solve the condition of oversized breasts that causes heaviness, discomfort as well as affects the appearance aesthetics. The technique will result in new, round, sexy breasts that match your body shape.

Depending on the level of breast hypertrophy, doctors will consult with the patient to select the most appropriate method of reduction from the following:

  • Breast reduction using Liposuction: This method applies to breast with moderately large volume.
  • Breast excision surgery: Applicable to cases of breasts with excessively large volume. With this method, doctors will perform surgical intervention to remove excess fat from the breasts without affecting the milk glands. As a result, the breasts after surgery become firmer, slimmer in harmony with the body.
Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is considered a difficult major surgery, requiring to be performed at a reputable hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health, which is fully equipped with modern equipment, machinery and technology.

At Worldwide Dental and Plastic Surgery Hospital, every breast reduction case is performed by leading experts in aesthetic breast surgery. In addition, the operating rooms at the hospital meet international standards of asepsis, are fully equipped with modern machinery and technology to ensure safety and effectiveness for all customers.

Medical standard procedure of breast reduction at Worldwide Hospital

Breast reduction

Step 1:
The doctor directly examines the condition of breast hypertrophy.

The doctor conducts an examination to determine the sagging and excess of the breasts, then consult either liposuction or breast reduction surgery to bring out the best results.


Step 2:
General health check-up

As a patient, customer will have to conduct cardiovascular check, blood pressure check, urine tests, blood tests, etc. to ensure there’s no unexpected risks during surgery.

Breast reduction

Step 3:
By measuring and sketching the shape of the chest, the doctor determines the area of skin that needs to be removed.

Measuring and sketching the breast shape to determine the area of skin that needs to be removed is essential in order to minimize errors, so that the surgical process can go smoothly.


Step 4:
Conducting general anesthesia to start breast reduction surgery

The doctor performs breast reduction accurately following the previously measured information. Surgery duration is quick, bringing out excellent results as expected.


Step 5:
Postoperative care

After breast reduction surgery process is completed, the patient will be moved into the post-operative room to rest under monitor for about 24 hours. After that, the patient will be instructed by the nurses on incision care at home.

Instructions for post-surgery breast care

After hospital discharge, the patient will be instructed on a set of self-care instructions including:

  • Medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  • Wound care kit
  • Breast reduction post-surgery care sheet.
  • Reminder to have a timely complete re-examination.

In addition, the patient is also asked by doctors to wear a compression bra for about 1-2 weeks to support stabilizing breast shape as well as keep them from sagging.

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Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery price list at Worldwide Hospital

Breast reduction surgery cost usually ranges from a few million to several tens of millions VND (from hundreds of dollars up to three thousand dollars), depending on specific facility, specific breast conditions and chosen services.

However, promotions and incentives are always available on occasion for customers at Worldwide Hospital. Customers can refer to the price list as below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Photos of customers who received breast reduction surgery procedure from Worldwide Hospital.

Compared to the limitations of traditional techniques, all of the breast production surgeries at Worldwide Dental and Plastic Surgery Hospital have resulted in complete success, receiving positive feedbacks from our customers. The method for breast reduction not only overcomes excessively large and sagging breast shape but also bring out firmer, rounder, sexy aesthetic breasts. The following images of customers who have successfully undergone breast reduction surgery at Worldwide Hospital are really worth admiring.

Why Worldwide Dental and Plastic Surgery Hospital is the ideal choice for customers to enhance their perfection with Autologous Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Worldwide Dental and Plastic Surgery Hospital is one of the few cosmetic facilities licensed by the Ministry of Health to operate the cosmetic surgical specialty. The hospital brings together plastic surgeons and doctors from the aesthetic department who possess high professional qualifications and rich experience.

The hospital has modern equipment and advanced technology to provide customers with the best services and desirable beauty results.

Worldwide Hospital – the best choice of beauty address for the radiant beauty with a perfect bust.

Breast reduction surgery – performed by Plastic surgery Specialist, Doctor Lam Ngoc Anh, is conducted in strict procedures complying with the Ministry of Health’s standards, resulting in naturally soft, perfect breasts and maintaining long-lasting results.

Breast reduction

METHODS OF breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure helps reduce oversized breast that can cause heaviness, and discomfort and aesthetic impact, to bring you a pair of beautiful, sexy and well-proportioned breast in a size suitable for the physique of the body.

Depending on the degree of enlargement, the doctor will choose the appropriate method: liposuction of excess fat tissue (often applied to medium enlarged breasts), reduction surgery (applied to to super enlarged and/or sagged breast).

breast augmentation

With breast reduction surgery, the doctor will have to cut into the breast tissue to remove the excess fat While making sure that the milk gland is intact. This provides the client with firm, lean breasts, harmony with the body.

Breast reduction surgery is considered a difficult and mandatory surgery that can only be performed at trustworthly hospitals – which are licensed by the Ministry of Health. These hospitals have to be equiped with the approrpiate operation rooms, general anesthesia equipment, and the surgery has to be performed by skilled plastic surgeons.

At Worldwide Hospital, all breast reduction surgeries are performed by plastic surgeon specilized in specialists in breast surgery. In addition, a sterile operating room, fully equipped with technological machinery conditions, will help ensure safety, efficiency as well as the best control of customers’ condition.



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