Dental implants are the most comprehensive solution today to have teeth that feel natural, andachieve up to 90% of the chewing function. Dental implants, tooth extraction and Implant placement are done in one operation, also known as Implant Placement After Teeth Removal. It is increasingly and widely applied to new teeth extraction technique.


Dental implants are the most comprehensive solution today to have teeth that feel natural, and achieve up to 90% of the chewing function. Dental implants, tooth extraction and Implant placement are done in one operation, also known as Implant Placement After Teeth Removal. It is increasingly and widely applied to new teeth extraction technique.


The surgeon exposes the root, using a non-traumatic extraction technique to gently remove the root without damaging the alveolar bone and gum tissue.


After taking the teeth out, the surgon will place the Implant and add bone graft if necessary.

During the implant placement surgery, the alveolar bone is in an ideal state to place the Implant. If the extraction is done not in accordance with the technical expertise, it will be easy to break the alveolar bone, and it will take time to regenerate before implantation. Therefore, it is necessary to extract teeth using non-traumatic techniques, to ensure that the alveolar bone and gum tissue are not damaged.


THE BENEFITS OF Implant Placement After Teeth Removal:

  • Save time: only 1 surgery for 2 interventions.
  • Cost savings: the alveolar bone is not damaged when the tooth is extracted, so it only needs a little bone transplant or will avoid the need for bone grafting for implantation. We can use bones from newly extracted teeth for bone grafts.
  • Relieve pain and keep your bones and gums intact due to implant teeth being replaced immediately after tooth extraction

So, when your teeth are due to be extracted, you should go to a specialist to be examined and consulted carefully.

In addition, if you do not have conditions to do implant placement immediately after the extraction of the tooth, you should also consult with the doctor about the extraction of the alveolar bone for the future of implantation.


At Worldwide  Dental-Dentistry Hospital, we are equipped with a new generation PIEZO OSADA, using non-traumatic tooth extraction and bone preservation for implants.

In many cases of non-traumatic tooth extraction and Implant for the incisors, we can do immediate restorations on the Implant.



A dental prosthesis case can be performed immediately after implantation within 72 hours. Usually after the placement of Implant, the time to wait is from 4-6 months for the Implant to become stable, fully integrating with the bones structure around the Implant. However, with the breakthrough technology of the new dental implants, the immediate restoration after the Implant can be done on a number of qualified Implants, saving a lot of time.

Tiến sĩ, Bác sĩ Đỗ Đình Hùng Giám Đốc Bệnh Viện WORLDWIDE





Insert the Implant



Take the imprint of the prosthesis right after placing the Implant.



Porcelain teeth are made at Lab-in-house by CAD / CAM technique within 24 hours.



Restoration (put porcelain teeth on the Implant)


This can be performed when the following conditions are fully met:

  • Good bone mass to fit snugly with Implant
  • Guaranteed bone quality (not too thin or too soft)
  • Use high standard implants, suitable for immediate bearing restorations.
  • Doctors with professional qualifications and skills to place the implant for immediate bearing. The precise placement technique will provide high instantaneous stability, well integrated with the bones to create strong roots.

At Worldwide Dental Hospital – Ossetell, we use the US Ossetell machine to measure the stability of the Implant, accurately determine whether the prosthesis can be applied immediately on the Implant.


It should be noted that when making an immediate restoration, the bite must have an appropriate bite force. The hosptials doctors have passed special international training courses to allow for instant implants after tooth extraction.




Client: Nguyen T.H (69 years old)

Treatment: All on 4 upper and lower jaw

History: loss of teeth in entire 2 jaws, long removable jaw wear. Loosely removable jaws, difficult eating and drinking.

Review:More than 5 years later brought the removable jaw because the local doctor refused to make the Implant. I lost my feeling of chewing, could barely eat, and to eat properly ate to live but not to taste. When I returned to Vietnam, I was introduced to Dr. Hung’s dentistry. Thinking about it at first. Hearing the doctor say that my case was difficult, but still able to do it, I was both happy and scared. But after the treatment, the service here is very good and almost nothing painful, the feeling of eating is like real teeth, absolutely no problems at all. My face is now plump again, no longer blurred like before. Moreover, the cost of making Implant on this side is very reasonable, much cheaper than abroad. Many of my friends have come back to Vietnam to work at Dr Hung dentistry, everyone is happy and satisfied with their new teeth. Thanks to Dr Hung and the doctors at Worldwide Hospitals.


Client: Tran .T. H

Treatment: All-on-4 in case of 2-jaw loss

History: 5 years carrying upper and lower jaw removal. The removable jaws are loose, unstable due to the high function of function.

Review:I lost my teeth in both jaws and carried the jaw removal and removal for 5 years. At that time, chewing was very difficult and my health deteriorated, and the removable jaw sometimes fell immortal, making me not feel confident in life. Since Dr. Hung made me 2 teeth implant, I can eat freely, smile more and everyone praises me 10 years younger. Thank you very much, Dr. Hung and everyone at the hospital.


Client: Duong Dang Hiep

Treatment: All-on-6 maxillary (4 normal implants & 2 Zygoma implants), All-on-4 lower jaw

History: History: lost many teeth in 2 jaws, teeth wobble.

Review:My name is Dang Hiep. I am also 59 years old this year. For many years, I have not been able to eat or drink well, I felt that my quality of life has decreased significantly, my body cannot eat and drink. And also would like to share that I am very afraid to go to dentistry, procrastinate forever. Thanks to researching on the Internet and also being introduced by friends, I know Dr. Hung dentistry as a charm between many dentists. What I like most about Dr Hung dentistry, Firstly, the facilities and equipment here are very modern, all are clean, making me very reassuring and I want to say one thing is the equipment. and everything is not inferior to abroad. The second thing is that Dr. Hung explained in great detail my cases. I do not understand where they are, not as ambiguous as in other places. And the third is that the Customer Service team here is very attentive, dedicated and caring. After finishing my teeth, my meals were very comfortable and everything was getting better, my children saw that I was happy to eat and everyone in the family was happy. Thank you very much to the hospital


Client: James Nguyen (49 years old)

Treatment: All-on-4 in case of 2-jaw loss

History: many teeth are lost, the remaining teeth are shaken.

Review: I have consulted many dentists in Vietnam, but Dr Hung dentistry is one of the most satisfied and I think this is the best dentistry in Vietnam. From a young age, I was afraid of dentistry, even obsessed and never thought that I would step into dentistry. But by a certain age, my teeth have become seriously damaged, not eating as usual. Coming to Dr. Hung’s dentistry, I have almost no fear, very peace of mind, no pain, comfort. I give 10 points for the most comfortable and painless dental service.