Areola reduction

Areola reduction surgery

The nipple is the highlight for the breasts to add more charm, but most women after giving birth, the nipples expand quite large, becoming dark black, elongated nipples, lose aesthetics and reduce emotions when in love. That is the reason why many women often have nipple reduction surgery to help women stay confident and keep their marriage happy.

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Why do you need Areola reduction surgery?

Enlarged nipples can be congenital in women or result from childbirth and lactation.

Many women because the nipple condition is prolonged and enlarged after the time of performing the motherhood that becomes inferior in their body. They hesitate to be close and often refuse their husbands. This in the long run makes it very easy to get married into trouble.

In addition to affecting the emotions in the couple relationship, many nipples that are too big also cause embarrassment and discomfort when wearing bra all day.

For the above reasons, women should seek solutions to improve nipples as soon as possible in order to have a harmonious and attractive breast.

Areola reduction

METHODS OF Areola reduction surgery

Depending on the specific situation of each client, the doctor will have his own treatment methods to bring you the best result.


Many women worry that after surgery to shrink the nipples, the nipples will lose their excitement. Or more worrisome than the inability to produce breast milk. However, at Worldwide Aesthetic Hospital, breast reduction minor surgery is done carefully and skillfully by a doctor with good specialized knowledge and experience, thus ensuring aesthetic reliability and complete safety. for you. Nipple reduction minor surgery will not lose the feeling or the inherent ability of the nipple to produce milk.

Các phương pháp treo ngực sa trễ

Tùy vào tình trạng cụ thể của từng khách hàng mà bác sỹ sẽ có những phương pháp điều trị riêng nhằm mang lại hiệu quả tối ưu nhất cho bạn. Có 4 cấp độ sa trễ tương ứng với 4 kĩ thuật treo ngực khác nhau. Sau đây là dấu hiệu nhận biết từng mức độ chảy xệ và các phương pháp phẫu thuật phù hợp.


Kĩ thuật 2:

Áp dụng trong trường hợp núm vú to về chiều dài
Với tình trạng này, các bác sĩ sẽ lấy bỏ một đoạn phần bao ngoài ở đoạn giữa núm vú, làm giảm chiều cao của núm vú bằng cách đẩy một phần núm vú vào trong tuyến vú và khâu lại bằng chỉ khâu thẩm mỹ.

Kĩ thuật 2:

Áp dụng cho trường hợp đầu nhũ hoa giãn rộng, bè ngang
Loại bỏ một góc núm nhũ hoa để thu hẹp diện tích. Sử dụng chỉ khâu thẩm mỹ để gắn kết vùng đầu ti bị cắt bỏ.

Nhiều chị em lo lắng rằng sau khi phẫu thuật thu nhỏ đầu nhũ hoa thì đầu nhũ hoa sẽ bị mất cảm giác hưng phấn. Hay lo lắng hơn là mất khả năng tiết sữa cho con bú. Tuy nhiên, tại Bệnh viện Thẩm mỹ Worldwide, tiểu phẫu thu nhỏ nhũ hoa được tiến hành cẩn thận, khéo léo bởi bác sĩ có kiến thức chuyên khoa giỏi, giàu kinh nghiệm nên bảo đảm tin cậy thẩm mỹ và độ an toàn hoàn toàn cho quý khách. Tiểu phẫu thu nhỏ đầu nhũ hoa sẽ không hề làm mất cảm giác hay khả năng tiết sữa vốn có của núm vú.

WHO is suitable for Areola reduction surgery?

  • The nipples are naturally large in size.
  • Enlargement of the nipples can be a consequence of breastfeeding.
  • The nipples are impacted for a long time, stretching, directly affecting the aesthetics.
  • In the case of women with inferiority because the nipple is too large, it directly affects the ability to breastfeed and the relationship of the couple.
Areola reduction


Areola reduction


Conducting examination and consultation

Areola reduction


General health tests and checks

Areola reduction


Measure the shape of the chest and the area to be absorbed

Areola reduction


Anesthesia and performing breast reduction techniques

Areola reduction


Postoperative care

post operative care:

Any type of surgery that wants to achieve the most satisfactory results, apart from medical intervention, requires careful and careful care of the patient himself at home to preserve health and shorten the process recuperate.

When you are discharged from the hospital home, you will be instructed by your healthcare provider to take care of yourself with a Home Care Guide including:

  • Drugs prescribed by the doctor
  • Department of wound cleaning at home
  • PA Guide to Care After Chest Surgery.
  • Remember to follow-up on time and in full.
Areola reduction



Phan Thi Bich Tien
“This was a very good experience, as I've been determined to become more attractive – The journey has not been easy but I'm very gratefull for all the staff at WorldWide, espically Jamie! Thank you again! “
Pham Bich Chau
“The most impressive thing when I think of the hospital is how World Wide team has taken care of me. Everyday after the surgery the medial team came to talk to me and see how I was. Even my husband was surprised. Very happy with the whole experience.”
Vo Nguyen Truc Quynh
“What I like the most at the hospital is the advise I got. In total I spent over $4000usd and it was worth it. There was also medicine to be taken at home. Very very good service here! “
Kieu Bao Trinh
“In this hospital, from doctors to customer care and nurses, they are all very caring. I felt like going on a vacation! The surgery really does not hurt at all. Would recommend WorldWide clinic. “
Areola reduction


Areola reduction
( *All information is confidential )


( *All information is confidential )