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Under the eyes bags removal – A rejuvenation solution, getting rid of periorbital dark circles.

As individuals age, the skin around the eyes becomes lax and soft, leading to the development of sagging and puffy lower eyelids which contribute to an older and tired appearance. Depending on the reason that causes bags under the eyes, lower eye bag removal procedure – also known as Blepharoplasty or Eyelid surgery – can be a great treatment option that helps reduce puffiness in the lower eye area, remove excess skin and wrinkle, reversing the signs of aging to one’ face. Follow Worldwide Hospital to find out more about this method below.


What is the removal of bags under the eyes?

Blepharoplasty is a technique to remove excess fat in the lower eyelid through a superfine incision in the crease. Accordingly, doctors will proceed to eliminate loose skin, remove fat cells, and handle wrinkled skin area. After the procedure, patient can gain their young, sparkling eyes as well as get rid of the periorbital dark circles after a long time.

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Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Removal

Advantages of removing bags under the eyes:

  • Remove loose skin, excess fat in the lower eyelid, helping the eyes to be big, youthful, and balanced.
  • Does not affect the vision and health of customers.
  • No distress or pain during surgery.
  • The removal time is fast, and the recovery time is short.
  • Ability to maintain stable and long-lasting results.
Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Removal

Who is suitable for the surgery of removing bags under the eyes?

  • People with congenital bags under the eyes aged 18 and over.
  • People with excess fat under the eyelids and loose or sagging skin.
  • Have congenital eye bags and periorbital dark circles.

The standard medical procedure for removing bags under the eyes at Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital

Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Removal

Step 1:
Doctors directly examine and consult customers

Customers will be examined and consulted by a team of doctors specializing in plastic surgery. Subsequently, patient will be advised applicable method that meets their expectations as well as their medical condition. During this time, all questions and consideration will be answered by the professional team regarding the issues that patients faced.

Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Removal

Step 2:
General health check:

Health examination will be conducted to determine whether the patient’s medical condition is adequate to undertake the surgery. At Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital, this process includes: measuring Body Mass Index (BMI), blood tests for sugar and cholesterol, and blood pressure measurement, liver and kidney function tests.

Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Removal

Step 3:
Measure and draw eye bags suitable for the face:

Measuring and drawing eye bags will help doctors perform techniques and operations more accurately and quickly.

Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Removal

Step 4:
Anesthetize eye bag areas

During surgery, anesthetizing eye bag areas will help alleviate sensitivity and distress throughout the operation.

Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Removal

Step 5:
Perform the surgery of removing bags under the eyes

Based on the instructions and the previously outlined lines, doctors at Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital will remove bags under the eyes meticulously and accurately.

Postoperative care instructions

In order to achieve perfect result and instant recovery, according to Worldwide Hospital professionals, patients will be provided a full instructions for care following surgery, includes:

  • Strickly take medicine follow doctor’s prescription.
  • Read and follow the instructions for home care patient.
  • Instructions for care specially for patient undertake Blepharoplasty.
  • Have regular check-ups follow doctor’s schedule.

In addition, patients also need to pay attention to some daily habits, include:

  • Do not touch or rub bare hands on the open wound after surgery.
  • Do not wear makeup for 3-4 weeks after removing bags under the eyes.
  • Wear sunglasses when going out to protect the eyes from environmental impacts.
  • Follow a scientific, nutritious diet to improve the wound healing process recommended by the professionals.
  • Take time to sleep 7-8 hours daily for the eyes to rest. Do not spend much time to work (read/ on-screen) which can tired your eyes and delay recovery process.
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Price list for removing bags under the eyes at Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital

The cost of removing bags under the eyes currently ranges from a few million to tens of millions, and depending on the treatment facility and services chosen, there will be different costs.
However, Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital always offers customers incentive programs at different times. Customers can refer to the price list of Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital below:

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Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Removal

Images of customers who have had bags under their eyes removed at Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital

Compared to the limitations of traditional techniques, the results after removing bags under the eyes at Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital received positive reviews and feedback from customers. This method not only overcomes the condition of eye bag wrinkles but also helps you regain your radiant confidence. Admire the images of customers who have successfully removed bags under their eyes at Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital.

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Why choose Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital

Removing bags under the eyes is a simple beauty method. However, if you choose an unreliable facility, it will certainly also bring many risks and have an adverse impact on your health. At present, Worldwide Plastic Surgery Hospital is one of the most prestigious beauty facilities. This is where a team of specialist doctors and medical staff receives methodical training with modern machinery and facilities.

  • Modern technique for removing bags under the eyes, no swelling, bruising, and recovery in exclusively 5-7 days.
  • A team of cosmetic surgeons with much experience ensures accurate technique operation with no pain or scarring after the operation.
  • Modern facilities, machinery, and advanced technology are maintained regularly to ensure safety throughout the operation.
  • The standard medical procedure is recognized by the Ministry of Health. A long-term warranty and a dedication to postoperative care will also satisfy customers.
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