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V-line chin augmentation – The secret to possessing a beautifully proportioned face from every angle.

V-line chin augmentation is a simple cosmetic technique that helps shape the chin to be small and proportionate with the face, aiming to correct short and asymmetrical chin in both men and women. Let’s explore this beauty procedure at Worldwide Hospital in the following article.


What is chin augmentation?

V-line chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that creates a slim, balanced, and harmonious V-shaped chin with the face. It is considered a popular beauty trend chosen by many individuals. This chin augmentation method is a minor surgery that is performed quickly and safely. It allows for adjusting short, thin, or receding chins using suitable augmentation materials that match the face.

V-line Chin Augmentation

Several methods of V-line chin augmentation

  • Artificial chin augmentation: Premium artificial augmentation materials are certified by the FDA in the United States for their safety and high compatibility with the body. These materials are pre-shaped to improve the overall balance of the chin with the face.
  • Autologous chin augmentation: This method uses cartilage as a part of the body’s chin. The surgeon pushes the cartilage forward to a suitable position and then firmly fixes it to achieve beautiful and permanent results.
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Advantages of chin augmentation when performed.

  • Slim and harmonious chin with the body: At Worldwide Hospital, the V-line chin augmentation method is performed by a team of professional doctors with extensive experience and high skills. The doctors will perform precise cartilage trimming and surgery to achieve natural and harmonious aesthetic results.
  • Scarless procedure: The chin augmentation technique is performed through an incision inside the oral cavity, thus leaving no visible scars or compromising aesthetics.
  • Absolute safety: The filler material used is highly compatible with the body, causing no reactions or any dangerous complications to health.
  • Long-lasting results: The chin augmentation method is considered a simple beauty procedure that helps the face appear more refined. It only needs to be performed once and provides almost permanent results without any complications.
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Who is suitable for chin augmentation?

  • Individuals with short or receding chin.
  • Small and thin chin that causes overall facial imbalance.
  • Those who desire a well-proportioned V-line chin according to the golden ratio.
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Standard medical procedure for chin augmentation at Worldwide Hospital

V-line Chin Augmentation

Step 1:
Direct consultation with the doctor regarding the condition of the chin.

The doctor conducts an examination and determines the condition of the chin. Then, they provide advice and select the appropriate V-line chin augmentation method.

V-line Chin Augmentation

Step 2:
General health examination.

At this stage, you will need to proceed with: checking the cardiovascular status, blood pressure, urine analysis, blood tests, etc., in order to ensure safety and prevent any potential risks during the surgical procedure.

V-line Chin Augmentation

Step 3:
Perform local anesthesia/general anesthesia.

Before performing rejuvenating fat grafting on the skin, you will be administered local anesthesia, premedication, or general anesthesia to ensure comfort and minimize pain during the procedure.

V-line Chin Augmentation

Step 4:
Anesthetize the chin area.

The doctor sterilizes medical instruments and performs nasal anesthesia, which helps the patient feel comfortable and minimizes pain during chin augmentation.

V-line Chin Augmentation

Step 5:
V-line chin augmentation surgery.

The doctor will use specialized instruments to make a small incision inside the oral mucosa and proceed with the dissection of the oral cavity and placement of the cartilage graft in the predetermined position. Subsequently, the doctor will adjust the position of the graft to achieve the most balanced, stable, and secure placement to prevent posterior displacement.

Postoperative Chin Care Guidelines

  • Take medication as prescribed by the physician.
  • Use chin shaping compression bandage according to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Oral hygiene according to the home care guidelines.
  • Please schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor or seek medical attention if you experience any abnormal symptoms.
  • Do not remove the fixed bandage on your own within the first 24 hours.
  • Applying cold compresses within the first 24 hours helps reduce swelling.
    It is advisable to consume soft or liquid food.
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Price list for V-line chin augmentation at Worldwide Hospital

The cost of V-line chin augmentation currently ranges from a few million to tens of millions, depending on each treatment facility, chin condition, and the service you choose will have different prices. However, at Worldwide Hospital, there are always promotional programs and offers for customers depending on each period. You can refer to the price list of Worldwide Hospital below:

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V-line Chin Augmentation

Images of customers who have successfully undergone V-line chin augmentation at Worldwide Aesthetic Hospital

Compared to the limitations of traditional techniques, the results after undergoing V-line chin augmentation at Worldwide Hospital have received positive feedback from customers. This method not only corrects short, receding, and thin chins but also helps achieve a well-proportioned and harmonious facial appearance. Let’s admire the images of customers who have successfully undergone V-line chin augmentation at Worldwide Hospital.

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Why choose Worldwide Hospital?

The Worldwide Hospital is one of the reliable cosmetic facilities. The V-line chin augmentation technique at Worldwide utilizes advanced technology and equipment. The entire procedure is performed in a closed manner, with professional doctors who have extensive experience. Moreover, Worldwide is highly regarded by customers for successfully performing numerous chin augmentation cosmetic cases, providing high aesthetic effectiveness and absolute safety for customers.

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