In September 1994, Dr. Hung came to the US for the first time to attend a Master program in dentistry via an invitation from University of Houston – Texas and had a chance to visit various dental clinics in the US. During his time in the US, Dr. Hung knew his mission would be “Providing Perfection” in dental services by bringing international care standards to Vietnam. He also realized his vision is to put Vietnam Dentistry on the map, competing with well-known dental clinics in developed countries.

After returning to Vietnam, Dr. Do Dinh Hung established the first dental clinic in Vietnam that follows the model of a US dental clinic, with 6 doctors and 5 dental chairs. Together with his associates, he set out to realize his new found mission and vision. In April 2011, our dental clinic was upgraded to Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center and moved to a bigger building, with 12 doctors and 10 dental chairs. Our dental center now has all specialized departments: general dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, implant dentistry and maxillo & facial surgery. In June 2013, our dental center moved to a 1400 m2 building with 10 floors. We now have a separate area for each different department:

  • Diagnostic Imaging Department with CT cone beam xray machine, Panoramic & Cephalo dental xray machine  
  • Orthodontics department with 4 dental chairs
  • General dentistry department & pediatric dentistry department with 9 dental chairs
  • Implant & oral surgery department with 3 surgery rooms
  • Prosthodontics department with 6 dental chair
  • In-house lab with CAD/CAM technology
  • Reception area with 5-star amenities. 

In 2014, Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center became the only dental clinic in Vietnam that was rated 5 star on WhatClinic, one of the most recognized referral sites for medical services. Since then, we have consistently maintained this 5 star rating, achieving 99% success rate in all of our dental treatment and 95% patient satisfaction rating. As of 2017, we have served customers from 46 out of 63 Vietnam cities/provinces and international customers from 49 different countries in the world.

bệnh viện

In early 2017, together with a team of plastic surgeons and dermatologists who share similar vision, Dr. Hung has upgraded Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center to Worldwide Dental & Plastic Surgery Hospital. We have further invested in our infrastructure, increased our number of professionals and followed strict hospital standards to ensure we can provide the perfect care to our customers. We added the following departments to our hospital:

  • Pharmacy 
  • Infection control department that follows FDA standards
  • Laser skin care department 
  • Surgery department follow general hospital standards
  • Phlebotomy (blood test) department to ensure you are fit for surgery
  • Anesthesia department to ensure you are comfortable and safe during the procedure 

phụ tá

After a year of building and being inspected by Ministry of Health, on June 2, 2018 Worldwide Dental & Plastic Surgery Hospital was officially granted a license to operate by Ministry of Health with 3 specialized departments: dental, maxillofacial surgery, Plastic surgery and dermatology.

We are proud to be the first dental clinic in Vietnam that was approved by Vietnam Ministry of Health to be upgraded to a dental & Plastic surgery hospital, as of February 2018, providing 1208 different dental, maxillofacial surgery, Plastic surgery and dermatology services. Our mission is “Providing Perfection,” by providing the perfect union between health and beauty.