Currently, dental implants are known as the most modern method available for replacement of missing teeth. Many questions are commonly asked by patients who want to get dental implants, and in this article, Worldwide Dental & Plastic Surgery Hospital will help answer those questions.

1. What are the superior benefits of dental implant compared to dental bridge and removable dentures?

Although removable dentures and dental bridges can both replace missing teeth, they have certain limitations:

  • When performing a dental bridge, two teeth adjacent to the missing tooth must be ground down to support the bridge. As a result, not only the missing tooth is replaced, but two adjacent teeth are also affected, weakening the overall dental structure, making it more prone to damage, and potentially leading to tooth decay. The longer the bridge, the quicker the deterioration. When the two supporting teeth of the bridge become damaged, patient eventually need to get dental implant or a removable denture to replace the missing tooth.
  • Removable dentures often become loose or fall out during use, and do not provide a comfortable, secure feeling while chewing.
  • A single implant can be directly inserted into the bone, and the artificial tooth will be attached to this implant post. Properly placed dental implants have a long lifespan, while also providing a natural appearance and the feeling of chewing like real teeth.

2. Can dental implants be used in case of all teeth missing?

Patients who have lost all teeth, can now confidently take the treatment with the All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implant techniques. These methods use 4 to 6 implant posts per arch, onto which 12 acrylic, composite, or porcelain teeth are fixed on a titanium bar, creating a new set of teeth that ensures full chewing function and aesthetics for the patient.

All-on-4 and All-on-6 are two cost-effective methods for patients with complete tooth loss, ensuring full functionality similar to natural teeth.

3. Are all types of dental implant the same?

Not all types of implants are the same. With reputable and high-quality implant brands, the quality of implant materials and advanced fabrication techniques, along with ongoing research and annual improvements, make their biological integration with our jawbone better and better. This leads to a higher success rate for implantation (on average, over 90%).

The lifespan of high-quality implants is longer, often lasting a lifetime compared to lesser-known, cheaper implant brands. Additionally, the precision of the connection between the implant body in the jawbone and the abutment post for attaching the porcelain crown on the implant will make your implant-supported crown more stable and have a longer lifespan.

Currently, there are three most reputable and widely used implant systems, including Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and BioHorizons – All are covered by a lifetime warranty when chosen for implantation at Worldwide Hospital.

4. Do dental implants cause discomfort in the mouth?

Dental implants are placed and restored by skilled dentists, using advanced techniques. The implant post is securely integrated into the jawbone beneath the gums. Additionally, the restoration with porcelain crowns is meticulously designed to match the color and size of natural teeth, ensuring that patients do not experience any discomfort.

5. Does the implant placement process take long time?

A typical complete implant placement process usually involves two stages:

  • Implantation stage: typically completed within 8 to 10 days, in which the surgical implantation procedure takes only about 20-30 minutes per implant.
  • Implant restoration: 4-6 months after implantation.

Additionally, depending on the conditions and health status, patients may require supportive surgeries such as tooth extraction, sinus lift, bone grafting, during the implant placement surgery process.

6. Does dental implant surgery cause pain?

With the latest modern techniques at Worldwide Hospital, implant placement is carried out swiftly, accurately, and minimize invasion. Therefore, the implant surgery process is painless and ensures healthiness after implantation. 

Worldwide Hospital also invests in an in-wall oxygen system according to specialized hospital standards to support customers when necessary. The process of implantation is undoubtedly much gentler.

7. Are the dental implants guaranteed?

With a success rate of 99% for dental implant procedures, Worldwide Hospital offers customers an optimal service quality commitment for dental implants, including:

  • Lifetime guarantee for implant systems from Nobel Biocare, Straumann and BioHorizons.
  • 10-year guarantee for Tekka, MIS and Dentium implant systems.
  • 10-year guarantee for porcelain teeth on implants manufactured with CAD/CAM technique at Lab-in-house of Worldwide Hospital.

8. Can young people with missing teeth get implants?

Not only middle-aged people lose teeth, but also young people are at risk of losing teeth due to unwanted effects such as collision accidents, dental diseases…

Young people can be performed dental implants as long as they are over 18 years old, have sufficient bone quantity and quality, and not to have any contraindicating health conditions.

9. How to identify a reputable center for dental implant placement?

A reputable center that meets international standards for dental implant placement should have:

  • Doctors are licensed in implant dentistry and have many years of experience in implant placement. Ideally, the doctors should have a good reputation and be well-respected in implant dentistry. 

At Worldwide Hospital, besides a team of fully qualified and experienced doctors, all dental implants are led by Dr. Do Dinh Hung – a leading expert with more than 27 years of experience in this field.  

  • A 3D CT Cone-beam imaging system for the best assess dental condition and design the optimal implant placement.
  • A clinic that meets the highest hygiene and sterilization standards, ensuring optimal sterilization during the surgical process to prevent any infections.
  • Using high quality implant systems from Switzerland, USA…
  • Highest service guarantee policy and commitment.

10. Is the cost of dental implants higher than other methods?

Yes, the cost of dental implants are 2 times higher than bridges and much higher removable dentures method, but the benefits that dental implants provide will also be many times more than bridges, due to:

  • Implant teeth are as aesthetical as real teeth. 
  • Healthy and comfortable chewing function. 
  • Limit the arising dental pathologies. 
  • Long lifespan, up to lifetime.

If no much financial difficulties, dental implantation is the ideal solution nowadays for replacing lost teeth.

Opting for dental bridges may save some costs initially, but it could cost three times as much when the bridge needs replacement due to damage.