7 Key Features of a beautiful and healthy Dental Porcelain

“What is beautiful dental porcelain?” is always a question that clients are wondering when looking for a cosmetic porcelain teeth solution. Therefore, let’s find out the factors that will create beautiful porcelain teeth in the following article together with Worldwide Hospital!

How important is a beautiful porcelain crowns?

Thế nào là một hàm răng sứ đẹp?

An imperfect smile that clients are not satisfied with, such as misaligned structure, cavities, yellow or dark stains, porcelain veneers will perfectly improve these issues.

Having a beautifully perfected set of porcelain teeth to the smallest details is extremely important for enhancing the aesthetics of a smile. A beautiful set of dental porcelain will help highlight the features on the face, creating a harmonious and unique smile for each client.

In many cases, a fail set of porcelain teeth with improper structure and color can have the opposite effect, making the face less attractive and unnatural.

What are the factors that determine a beautiful porcelain crowns?

Những yếu tố quyết định một hàm răng sứ đẹp

1. Color.

The most beautiful porcelain crown will have a natural bright white color, a delicate transparency, and a natural color transition from the cervical line to the biting edge, helping the teeth to be white but still looking natural.

Currently, aesthetic porcelain dental crown has many color tones for client to choose from. During the process of covering porcelain crown, the client will choose the appropriate color with the dentist to create a suitable set that matches with their skin tone, hair color, personality, and other desires.

2. Perfect shape

The shape of teeth in a beautiful porcelain crown should create a natural look with the mouth, smile, and face.

Choosing the most suitable teeth frame shape depends on key feature of client face shape such as long, short, square, round, etc.; as well as gender or personality. Women’s teeth having more rounded lines while men’s teeth have more angular shapes.

3.Tooth Alignment and Spacing

A beautiful porcelain dental arch structure should have appropriate curvature and symmetry. The curved and symmetric teeth are arranged on the dental arch with natural curvature along the lip contour, which helps create a bright and youthful smile.

In addition, the dentist will also create symmetry along the right and left facial axis, which can be absolute or relative depending on the initial condition of the teeth. The teeth are proportionate nice and even according to client’s natural shape, and creating a graceful and distinctive appearance when smiling.

4. Beautiful gum line.

An essential elements of a beautiful set of porcelain teeth is a beautiful and healthy gum line with pink periodontal tissue.

The dentist’s good technique is as important as good dental care by the client, such as performing proper oral hygiene at home, regular check-ups and tartar removal, will play an important role in creating a beautiful and healthy gum line.

5. Good chewing function.

Beautiful dental porcelain also needs to have good durability. A beautiful and well-restored porcelain crown will have even bite joints, making chewing easy and natural.

6. Good porcelain material.

There are many types of porcelain teeth on the market with prices ranging from low to high. Therefore, the client should choose a trusted treatment facility to ensure high-quality and genuine porcelain teeth, high aesthetics, great durability, and a warranty. In addition, a skilled technician in making regular porcelain teeth also helps to create durable and beautiful teeth.

7. Indication, good technique.

The restoring process of beautiful porcelain teeth requires accurate and precise instructions from the dentist.

In addition, a highly skilled dentist will determine the most accurate examination and diagnosis for each case.

The process of restoring porcelain teeth must ensure a tight fit with the tooth stump, while the finishing line must be placed in the correct position.

Furthermore, the teeth should be minimally ground to preserve the natural teeth, and necessary treatments such as tooth filling and root canal treatment should be performed before applying the porcelain crown.

Location for dental porcelain meeting international standards:

When determining the important factors of a beautiful porcelain teeth restoration, the most important thing is finding trusted dental hospital with high quality service.

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