Early orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is simply dental intervention technique used to adjust teeth and jaw with occlusion problems.Early orthodontics begins in the stage when milk teeth are being replaced by permanent teeth at the age of 6-12 years old. Please seriously consider early orthodontics for your child when permanent teeth start to grow or any abnormal tooth condition occurs.

Conditions which require early orthodontics:

• Excessive spacing

• Crowding

• Open bite

• Overbite (Deep bite)

• Cross bite (Front teeth)

• Cross bite (Back teeth)

• Underbite

• Overjet (Protrusion)

• Abnormal Eruption

Early orthodontics is the preparation stage for later orthodontics (when permanent teeth have fully grown) to be effective.


Benefits of early orthodontics:

• Prevent crowded teeth: The younger the age the easier it is to adjust the teeth as the jaw bone is developing. Adjusting the teeth to the correct position will support the jaw bone and the arch to develop in harmony with the face; and to adjust the occlusion between the jaw bones.

• Avoid any consequences: Freely and messily grown milk teeth will reduce the functionality of chewing and pronunciation of your child during adolescence. Oral hygiene will also be more difficult, potentially leading to tooth decay and other related diseases.

• Aesthetically effective: Not only adults care about the appearance; children also need to have a healthy and stunning smile since they are young.

• Create a good habit: Early orthodontics will allow your child to adapt and familiarize themselves with the treatment, making later stages of this dental intervention more ‘acceptable’ as your child is over ‘the fear of seeing doctors and having braces’.


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