In order to have a beautiful smile, you need to have strong healthy teeth and a fresh breath. You should schedule a regular dental check-up at least every 6 months. This is the basis for good habits in dental care.

dịch vụ nha khoa tổng quát


Every 6 months, teeth need to be cleaned and polished professionally by the dentist at the clinic. Food, saliva and bacteria build up and form plaque on the tooth surface. Over time, plaque hardens and become tartar holding on the teeth, which causes gum inflammation. If it is not properly cleaned, there is risk of periodontal inflammation and the final result is tooth decay or missing tooth or gingivitis.

Healthy gums are firm and have a light pink color. When it is inflamed, the gums are red, swollen and can bleed easily. If this happens, you should go to a dental clinic to get checked up and your teeth cleaned. This is essential to stop gingivitis. Removing calculus can be done by hand instruments, by machine or by a combination of both.

The procedure is as follows: Teeth is cleaned to remove plaque, sticking and tartar. We use teeth cleaning instruments which use ultrasonic wave to make the plaque tarnish from the surface of the tooth and does not damage the gum nor erode the enamel. We then polish your teeth with dental powder. The purpose of polishing the tooth surface is to smooth the surfaces of the teeth and help prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

Teeth cleaning is an effective way to stop gum inflammation, minimize gum bleeding and swelling and recession. Moreover, it helps prevent tooth loss and bone loss and help maintain your confident smile.

At Worldwide Hospital, we also use NSK Sandblasting System for cleaning. In certain cases that require deep clean, after removing calculus and polishing, our doctor will use it to clean and eliminate the plaque on the interdental surfaces.

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Regular checkup (at least once every 6 months) will help your dentist identify any tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis, fungal infection, cancer lesions) or other abnormalities (crowded teeth, lack of teething, lack of teeth, unusual teeth grow …) and treat the disease in a timely manner.

Early treatment is always better and less expensive.

Besides examination, CT-Scan and X-ray films are necessary tools to help doctor review underlying structures and have an accurate and complete diagnosis. A combination of both X-rays and in person exam would help ensure that the treatments are easier and more effective.

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At WorldWide Hospital, we are equipped with the latest technology. We have CT-scan and X-ray imaging equipment. We apply “Digital Dentistry” technology to capture and analyze accurately dental conditions in clinical examinations. Having advanced dental technology is extremely useful in more complex dental treatments which as implants, endodontic treatment, oral surgery, cosmetic & restoration treatments, etc.

  • CT-scan: provides details three-dimensional images of the entire teeth and jaw structure; accurately assess bone quality (bone density) and size; identify the nerve root; especially in implant surgery, CT-scan helps to choose the right position and direction for implant placement.
  • X-ray panoramic: provides imaging of the entire jaw bone, teeth and periodontal tissue; identify the location of impacted teeth, infected teeth, teeth cured root canal…
  • X-ray skull incision: give images of the condition of the skull face. It is necessary in the orthodontics treatment (braces, invisalign…)
Services USD AUD EUR
Screening Free Free Free
Cephalometric X-ray 15 19 13
OPG X-ray 20 26 18
CT 3D Conebeam 25 32 22
Teeth Cleaning & Polishing (Degree 1) 20 26 18
Teeth Cleaning & Polishing (Degree 2) 25 32 22
Teeth Cleaning + Air Abrasion 28-33 36-43 25-29
Deep clean 50/quarter arch 64/quarter arch 44/quarter arch
Periodontal Pocket Treatment 25/unit 32/unit 22/unit
Laser-Assisted Gum Surgery 50/unit 64/unit 44/unit
Composite Filling 20-30/unit 26-39/unit 18-26/unit
Root Canal Treatment/Re-Root Canal 150-250/unit 194-324/unit 134-233/unit