Milk teeth removal

Time to replace milk teeth

Maintaining the milk teeth is essential to ensure the development of the jaw. Early tooth development orientation is also important for your child’s oral health. In order for the permanent teeth to grow nicely, the process of replacing milk teeth needs to be carried out at the right time and in the correct order.

The age at which milk teeth is replaced depends on the type of teeth. The main categories include:


• Two central incisors: 6-7 years

• Two lateral incisors: 7-8 years

• Two canines: 9-12 years

• Two first molars: 9-11 years

• Two second molars: 11-12 years

Time to remove milk teeth


Please try not to remove your child’s milk teeth before the approproate time. Early tooth extraction might have an impact on the child’s mind and chewing functions; jaw and gum might not grow well and permanent tooth will grow abnormally slow. Leaving the gum without tooth for a long time might become painful for your child when the permanent tooth grows.

When to remove milk teeth

Naturally, the milk tooth will loosen and fall out when the permanent tooth starts to grow. However,in many cases, when the permanent tooth has begun to grow but the milk tooth still remain, an external force is required, known as tooth extraction.

Also, when the permanent tooth is tilted, the milk tooth should be removed to ‘give space’ for the permanent tooth to grow. However, it is not always that removing milk tooth will allow permanent tooth to grow in the correct direction. It is best to visit your dentist to have an appropriate treatment.

Where to remove milk teeth

Babies that are 18-month old and above should be taken to dentist at least once every 6 months. Maintaining regular dental checks will allow dentists to track the development process of the jaw, milk teeth replacement to prevent problems that occur when permanent teeth start to grow. Especially this will prepare the child to overcome the fear of seeing doctors.

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