Periodontal flap surgery

Receding gum tissue is the condition in which gum is no longer fully attached to the root, causing tooth sensitivity whilst eating too hot/cold, sweet/sour food. Revealed root makes the tooth look longer and unpleasant, as the arch is deformed.

 nha-khoa-drhung-ghep-nuouCauses of receding gum:

Loss or recession of gum tissue can have a variety of causes, including:

• Brushing your teeth too hard, or not in the correct way. It might also be due to natural lack of cells and tissues surrounding the root area.

• When there are signs of gum recession, periodontal flap surgery needs to be carried out as soon as possible to keep a good-looking smile and prevent the pain whilst eating; also early treatment will help to avoid continuing diseases such as destruction of gum tissue and bone, loss of tooth, etc.

Grafting of gum

Gum grafting is the process of reconstructing the normal shape for the gum and teeth, recover damages and prevent gum recession from worsening which might cause the destruction of gum tissue and bone. Gum grafting surgery can cover the revealed root and regenerate gum tissue. During the surgery, doctors will use gum tissue from other area of the mouth to cover the revealed root. Surgery can be carried out on one or many teeth to bring harmony to the gumline and reduce tooth sensitivity.