Pulp treatment

Pulpitis is not only painful for the child but also destroy your tooth very quickly. It is therefore necessary to have an early and appropriate treatment.

Root canal therapy to keep the milk teeth

Treatment for pulpitis on milk teeth will have no impact on permanent teeth later on. Otherwise maintaining the milk teeth is necessary to ensure the chewing funtion of the mouth, pronunciation, development of the jaw bone and provide a healthy environment for permanent teeth to grow. Usually dentists will only assign for milk tooth extraction when there has been clear diagnosis that permanent tooth will grow within 6 months.


Pulp treatments

Pulpitis on milk teeth should receive immediate treatment to keep the teeth for your child. Depending on the level of inflammation there will be different types of treatment:• Indirect pilp capping and fillings: Indirect pulp treatment works best for teeth with deep decay approaching and/or barely exposing the pulp, where removing all the decayed parts of the tooth would expose. Instead, as much of soft decay is removed as possible, leaving only harder remnants without penetrating into the pulp. Then applying an antibacterial agent, usually Calcium Hydroxide and restoring the tooth to seal it and prevent further infection.

• Pulpotomy: When the soft tissue in the pulp chamber is infected, the soft tissue in the canals is still healthy enough, a special medicated filling can be put into the chamber in an attempt to keep the remaining pulp (in the canals) alive. Afterwards the tooth is restored with a refular filling (GIC).

• Pulpectomy: This procedure is recommended when the pulp has an infection that cannot be resolved. A pulpectomy is a dental procedure in which all of the material in the pulp chamber and the root canal of a tooth is removed. Then applying an antibacterial agent, usually Calcium Hydroxide and restoring the tooth with GIC.


Root canal treatment is one of the biggest challenges for dentists, as all kids are afraid of pain and do not co-operate. Parents therefore need to prepare and find a friendly environment for the benefit of your child.

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