Regular dental visit

Having regular dental visit is essential in preventing any dental issue and also helps doctors to figure out any potential disease at the right time.

A beautiful smile with healthy teeth is extremely important in our daily lives. It is not difficult to take some time off our schedule to visit the doctor at least once every 6 months to ensure that our teeth are nice and healthy.


Teeth cleaning and polishing

Every 6 months your teeth need to be cleaned so that the tartar can be removed and the biting surface can also be sanitized.

Food, saliva and bacteria when left uncleaned can accumulate to form a plaque on the tooth surface. After a while, this plaque can harden and become a tartar, which is the reason for gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis will become periodontitis, and the consequence is your tooth will become loosened.


Healthy gum looks toned and has a light pink color. When inflamed, the gum will become swollen and can bleed easily. Teeth cleaning and polishing are very important in preventing the gum from being inflamed or damaged. Teeth cleaning can be done by hand, by machine or a combination of both.

The teeth cleaning procedure is carried out as followed: Plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth and beneath the gum are removed by a machine which uses ultrasonic waves so that the teeth and gum are not damaged during the process.

Tartar scraping is an effective method used to minimize teeth bleeding, swollen and/or receding gum and any discomfort caused by inflammation of gum, prevent tooth or bone loss, giving you a confident smile.

Finally a polishing brush is used to clean both the inside and outside surface of the teeth. The purpose of this is to make the surface smooth again and prevent accumulation of plaque on the teeth later on.

At HD Dental Clinic, we use a special modern tool which allows use to clean between the teeth and remove all plaque or tartar inside.

General examination on teeth conditions

You should visit the doctor 2-3 times/year. The examinations will help the doctors to detect if there is any tooth decay, gum related issues (eg: gingivitis, periodontitis, fungal infections, etc) or other abnormalities (eg: excessive spacing, crowding, open bite, etc), and therefore will intervene on time.

Early treatment always brings better efficiency and is more cost effective.


When carrying out overall dental check, periodontics (the entire area around the teeth) and other structures of the mouth, other than doctors’ external check on the teeth condition, taking X-rays is also important to give full evaluation about the condition of the jaw bone and other internal structures.

At HD Dental Clinic, we apply the most advanced technology in our digital image scanner system, which allows us to analyse the conditions of the teeth and jaw correctly so that the best treatment can be assigned.

• CT Cone beam i-CAT Vision: Remarkably fast and accurate, with rapid 8.9s scan time and full 3D reconstruction time is less than 20s. It is used for precise implant placement; provides exact images to determine all important detail of anatomic areas such as sinus location and interior nerve canals. It can measure exactly the height, width and quality of the bone.

• Panoramic X-rays: is a 2D image of the imageofyour teeth, temporomandibular joint and surrounded bones. It is used for general examination and checkups.

• Cephalometric X-rays: is used to diagnose and plan for orthodontic treatment.