The best types of nasal cartilage in rhinoplasty

Here are the best types of nasal cartilage implants that our clients can refer to when considering a rhinoplasty.

Nasal cartilage implants are materials used to elevate and shape the nose for a comprehensive enhancement. Each type of nasal implant has its own specific functions, but they all serve the common purpose of shaping the nose. Below are some of the best nasal cartilage implants currently available:

Ear Cartilage

Ear cartilage is an autologous nasal implant taken directly from the client’s own body. During the procedure, the surgeon typically takes 1-2 cm of cartilage from the ear’s helix to cover the tip of the nose, preventing future issues like redness or implant visibility. Ear cartilage has a moderately soft texture, which helps create a natural, smooth contour for the nasal tip. Furthermore, ear cartilage is highly compatibility with the body, thus limiting the risk of rejection and allergies for the client.

Nose augmentation using ear cartilage is often referred to as cartilage-wrapped rhinoplasty. In which the surgeon combines artificial implants to elevate the nasal bridge and uses ear cartilage to cover the nasal tip. This technique is suitable for clients with minor nasal imperfections, effectively correcting low or flat nose bridges.

Rib Cartilage

Rib cartilage is another type of autologous nasal implant, harvested from the patient’s own body. Typically, the surgeon will extract cartilage from the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th ribs through a small incision of 2-3 cm on the front chest. Taking rib cartilage does not affect client’s aesthetics or health. Rib Cartilage is widely used in rhinoplasty as it is a structural graft helps to restore a contracted or deformed nose.

Rib cartilage rhinoplasty is a popular client choice and considered safe and effective cosmetic procedure. However, the technique of harvesting rib cartilage is considered the most difficult among autologous cartilage harvesting methods, requiring a highly skilled doctor to perform. To ensure safety, client should choose rib cartilage rhinoplasty at licensed hospitals with experienced medical teams team and standardised medical procedures.

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Megaderm Cartilage

Megaderm Cartilage is extracted from human epidermis and processed using AlloClean technology. Megaderm is known as a premium material with high compatibility with the body, so it is widely used in rhinoplasty. Megaderm Cartilage is suitable for clients who are allergic to other artificial cartilage materials or have had unsuccessful rhinoplasty procedures, leading to visible implants, contraction, redness, etc.

Megaderm cartilage rhinoplasty is a method that combines artificial cartilage and megaderm lining to enhance the natural shape of the nose. During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision in the nasal cavity, separate the skin tissue, and place megaderm between the artificial cartilage and the real nasal skin. This surgery helps create a high, refined nasal bridge and a naturally slender nasal tip that complements the facial features.

Sụn Megaderm

Surgiform Cartilage – the best biological cartilage

Surgiform cartilage is currently the most advanced biological implant material, certified by the FDA for safety and is widely used in Vietnam. Made of 100% ePTFE (a medically safe material), Surgiform cartilage offers several advantages: it has a certain degree of flexibility and is easy to shape, allowing for a natural and harmonious nasal shape. Additionally, Surgiform cartilage is highly durable, reducing the risk of deformation or nasal deviation after the procedure.

Surgiform rhinoplasty combines two types of cartilage materials which are biological and autologous cartilage. The surgeon uses Surgiform cartilage to elevate the nasal bridge and autologous cartilage to cover the nasal tip, ensuring a smooth, rounded, and natural look. This method is highly favoured and well-reviewed by many women at Worldwide Hospital.

At Worldwide Hospital, Surgiform rhinoplasty is performed by our experienced surgeons, ensuring a high, slender, and naturally beautiful nasal shape that meets client expectations. The surgery is carried out at a 5-star standard hospital, with sterile procedures to ensure safety. We employ a dedicated customer care system for our clients including a comprehensive consultation, a thorough examination prior to surgery and world-class postoperative care…

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