Excellent treatment care received

“I came to the Hung clinic on the recommendation of a friend of my wife. My teeth were a mess as I had had an accident long ago and lost my front teeth and two molars had been removed. I had a plate put in for my front teeth and a small plate for the molars which had become unwearable probably due to gum changes. my back teeth were decaying. At Doctor Hungs clinic My first examination showed that I needed extensive repair to my molars and and an implant plus bridges and a removable plate for the lower molars as my gums were not strong enough for implants. My old plate for the front teeth on my upper jaw was to be replaced by new teeth that were to be permantly attached by metal posts.

I found the planning to repair my teeth was thorough and professional as was the development of my replacement teeth and plate. The actual work was carried out very professionally and the efforts to make my teeth better than my original teeth was excellent, particularly as my lower teeth used to be outside my upper teeth.”
From Mr James Scott – Australia
Dental treatment: Porcelain crowns, Titanium frame


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