I have been treated very professionally by very friendly staff

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“Having been quoted exorbitant prices in Australia for crowns I decided to look further afield. After reading reviews of Dr Hung’s practice I decided on them and made arrangements to travel. Having first met us at the airport on Monday Dr Hung’s staff then picked us up at our hotel on Wednesday and delivered us to the surgery; Dr Hung checked my teeth and advised 4 crowns were needed, as opposed to the 6 suggested at home with the “most urgent” one according to my dentist at home not needing a crown. Things progressed very smoothly and by Saturday I had 4 new crowns, a pocket treated and a thorough clean and polish ready to enjoy my Vietnam holiday.
The dental work cost less than I had been quoted at home for one crown only, even allowing for airfares and accommodation. I am well in front cost wise and feel like I have been treated very professionally by a very friendly staff.”

From Mr James Mackrill – Australia
Dental treatment: Dental crowns, teeth cleaning

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