Dental Care for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women has dental problems more easily than others


A- Reasons There are 2 main reasons behind this:

1. Changes in hormones can make the gum inflamed easily. The common symptoms are swollen and bleeding gum.

2. Changes in diet – pregnant women usually have nausea and changes in eating habits, which can potentially lead to tooth decay.

B- Why protect your teeth during pregnancy

Dental diseases if left untreated will weaken your teeth and might eventually lead to tooth loss. According to a medical research in America, pregnant women’s gum diseases can lead to the production of prostaglandins which stimulates labor. Severe infected cases which require medicine might also have an impact on the fetus.

C- Dental care during pregnancy

Women need to take care of dental diseases prior to pregnancy. During pregnancy, women need to be supplied with all necessary nutrients, avoid high-sugar products and eat vegetable and food.

Pregnant women need to have good oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay or gingivitis. Regular dental visit is necessary so that all essential dental work can be done. This should be done between fourth and seventh month of the pregnancy. Pregnant women should only use drugs under doctors’ advice.