In – house dental lab

Most dental offices send all their laboratory work to outside labs, some even outside of the country, but here at HD Dental Center we have an in-house dental lab that fabricates all of our crowns on site.The dentists and laboratory technicians work together to achieve the best results from single crown restoration to full mouth reconstructions.Our Dental Lab Technicians 

Our dental lab technicians has years of experience working with dentists and over 10 years of experience in total. The lab has been developed through modern lab equipments and annual training program.



In our laboratory, we use CAD/CAM technology and Exocad & DentalWings software suite provides a solution for the design and manufacture of high quality dental restorations in 3D; faster, easily and more accurately when compared with conventional manual techniques.

We use Silamill 5 milling machine from Germany to manufacture and NexxZr Zirconia Dics from USA (FDA approves) as material to provide the best quality results.


Advantages Of In-House Dental Laboratory 

  • Close quality control by the dentist who does the dental treatment.
  • Fast and efficient for international patients having limited timeframe for the treatment.
  • Instant correction and adjustment (If necessary) during your dental treatment.
  • Selecting our own laboratory material to provide the best results.