Restaurant in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City

Located opposite the Independence Palace, one of HCMC”s top visitor attractions, Quan An Ngon 138 appeals easily to…

Vietnamese cuisine restaurants

1.  Ngon Restaurant

Located opposite the Independence Palace, one of HCMC”s top visitor attractions, Quan An Ngon 138 appeals easily to tourists and local people alike in its unique concept: presenting the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine from different regions in a village market style.


The restaurant is set in a large new building, which from its external yellow appearance is reminiscent of an old European castle; but inside its space is designed as an ancient Hue ruong house. The restaurant is also remarkable for its sophisticated wooden art carvings combining lacquer and inlay with mother-of-pearl featured on subtle details of balconies, stairs, tables and chairs and screens.
The decorations on the walls are beautiful collections of Bat Trang ceramic paintings showing Vietnamese folk landscapes such as temples, buffaloes and boys or banyan trees and river wharves. Green banana strees, large water with wooden tables and chairs, However, the upstairs is far more fun, although not it you aren”t familiar with sitting sross-legged on the floor for a length of time. It may be uncomfortable for those with bad knees, short skirts or tight jeans.
The food was quintessentially northern Vietnamese, ranging from various salads, Vietnamese soups, fish, beef, chicken, fried seasonal greens, hotpot and steamed white rice….
Add: 138 Nam Ki Khoi Nghia, District1, HCMC
Tel: 08.38279666


2. Đông Phố Restaurant

Welcome to Đông Phố, your restaurant, specialized in traditional Huế cuisine . Established in an ancient colonial house, we would be pleased to welcome you every day, from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM .
Whether it is inside the restaurant or on our terrace, our whole team looks forward to making you discover and enjoy our menu .
Let yourself be transporter by the delicacy of our traditional Vietnamese dishes, prepared by the chef and his team . Discover our multitude of dishes made with passion from the fresh local products .
Add: 57 Ho Xuan Huong Str, Dist 3, HCMC
Tel : 08 3930 7665
Email :


3.  Món Huế restaurant

Opened in 2007, we currently operate over 30 restaurants serving traditional central Vietnam delicacies. Recognized as one of the fasted growing restaurant chain in Vietnam.

Add: 07 Cao Thang Str, District 3, HCMC
Tel: 08 22414816

4. Cuc Gach restaurant

Owned by architect Tran Binh and his French-Vietnamese wife, Thai Tu-Tho, Binh acquired a derelict colonial mansion and reimagined it as an indoor-outdoor fantasia, blending historic details (antique armoires; a wall map of 1960’s Saigon) with contemporary touches (gorgeous lighting; a floating )


Add: 10 Dang Tat, Ward Tan Dinh, District 1, Saigon
Tel: 08. 38 48 01 44

5.  Xu Restaurant

Run by Bien Nguyen, a 30-year-old Australian Viet Kieu, this high-priced upstart is both a see-and-be-seen nightspot (serving well-made cocktails at the street-level bar) and a high-end restaurant with ambitious, mostly assured nouvelle Vietnamese cooking.

Add: 71 Hai Ba Trung Str, District 1
Tel: 08.38248468

6. Cơm Niêu

Famous for its inclusion in the Anthony Boudain No Reservations program, the venue is best known for its theatrics. Every bowl of rice is served in a terracotta bowl that is inceremoniously shattered upon serving. Unforgettable local food in a very pleasant traditionally-style venue

Add: 59 Hồ Xuân Hương Str, Dictrict 3
Tel: 08.39326363

7. Quan Bui

Leafy green roof garden, upmarket restaurant with reasonable prices and a wide menu of choices. Open style kitchen advertises its cleanliness. Designer interior with spotlighted artwork and beautiful cushions give an oriental luxurious feeling-augmented by dishes served on earthenware crokery

Add: 17A Ngo Van Nam Str, Distrcit 1
Tel: 08.38291515

8. Lemongrass

The vibe aims at a harmony between modern styling and the dining room with its tile floors and wooded wainscoting effects a comforting natural environment.
Add: 4 Nguyen Thiep Str, District 1
Tel: 08.38220496

9  Marina Saigon

Marina Saigon is one of the leading seafood  restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. This restaurant provides a luxurious environment with French/ Vietnamese fusion cuisine.

Add: 172 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Str, District 3
Tel: 08.39302379

10.  Hoang Yen restaurant

Try some of the country’s delicacies in a modern yet inviting astmosphere. The eatery’s various clay pots are flavorful; some feature mam, a delicious fermented fish paste.
Add: 7-9 Ngo Duc ke Str, District 1
Tel: 08.38231101

Vegetarian restaurant

1 Hum Restaurant

Hum is a vegetarian restaurant where food are prepared on site from various fresh beans, nuts, vegetables, flowers and fruits. Food are complemented with special drinks mixed from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Add: 2 Thi Sach Str, District 1
Tel: 08.38238920

2. Hoa Dang restaurant

Vegetarian dishes with varied combinations of vegetables, tubers, beans, tofu and soy. Open daily: 09:00-14:00, 16:30-21:30.

Add:  38 Huynh Khuong Ninh Str, Dist. 1
Tel: 08.38209702

3. Tib vegetarian restaurant

Style Newspaper Entrepreneur Center has called her Vinh Trinh , owner of the restaurant is Tib ” he brought the rustic elegance of Hue in place .”

Just as the world capital of Hue is a time of the Nguyen Dynasty . All the dishes to serve the court and the traditional dishes are not widely available outside people . Until the termination of the Nguyen Dynasty , these dishes are also popular due to the limitations of the mandarin family . No system , and there are many dishes due to sign it , gradually degenerating into oblivion . So , the dish became folk on because there is no common condition , only being sold , served in the street burden alone .

Tib Restaurant , established in 1993 in Ho Chi Minh City is the first restaurant in Vietnam has revived the swamps, shrimp cake , the Father , the Son lettuce , washed Hue …. methodical and systematic .
TIB brand has a strong live more than 20 years by always keeping the quality of the food system and thus also have to keep the customer right at the door. 11/ 2007 Total U.S. President George Bush chose to invite the TIB Australian Prime Minister Howard dinner is said to be evidence of brand value TIB
Add: 170 Tran Quang Khai Str, District 1

Western Cuisine Restaurants

1. Gartenstad restaurant /Đức Bảo

Gartenstadt, Saigon’s oldest German restaurant, serves authentic cuisine including sausage, sauerbraten, and pork knuckle. Known amongst locals and expats for its long teakwood bar, Gartenstadt is home to imported Schneider Weisse and Krombacher beer, as well as a large collection of choice schnapps. Private dining options are available on the second floor, including balcony seating overlooking scenic Dong Khoi Street.

Add: 34 Dong Khoi Str, District 1, HCMC
Tel: 08 38223823
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Lion restaurant
Add: 11-13 Cong truong Lam Son, District 1
Tel: 08.38238514

2. Au Manoir de Khai

Referring to the first-class French restaurant in Saigon, the connoisseur of French cuisine will immediatly think of “villa” Au Manoir. After 15 years of sucess now with the talented hands of the owner, Au Manoir has changed from the inside out to give diners a pleasant surprise.
An ancient villa nearly one hundred years old, lyingsilently in a quiet garden, lovers of French cuisine come to Au Manoir will not only enjoy fully authetic French dishes, but also discover a luxury space as a corner in King Louis XIV’s Palace.
Now, arriving here, you will be surprised when walking into a unique space. With the marvelous change of Au Manoir, all hustle and bustle f life seem to be left outside the gate, you will be in a ecstasy of amazement with new things Au Manoir brought.
Add: 251 Dien Bien Phu Str, District 3
Tel: 08.39303394

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La Fourchette
Add: 9 Ngo Duc Ke, District 1
Tel: 08.38298143
3. Portofino restaurant
Portofino serves cicchetti-a tradition from Venice best likened to Spanish tapas, but usually served in larger portions, featuring cheeses, salad, pasta, prawns, pork, beef, salmon and seafood. Highlights for innovation: Trippa alla Romana- tripe with chickpeas, marinara sauce and fried egg.
Add: 15 Dong Du, District 1
Tel: 08.83233597
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La Bettola restaurant
Add: 84 Ho Tung Mau, District 1
Tel: 08.39144402

4.  Pacharan restaurant
Ho Chi Minh City’s original Spanish restaurant, Pacharan occupies a high profile corner spot on Hai Ba Trung. Spread over four floor, it offers a casual bar, two floors for dining (one which becomes a destination for live Spanish music late at night) and a rooftop terrace. Features an extensive menu of tapas, main course, sangria and wines.

Add: 97 Hai Ba Trung Str, District 1
Tel: 0903992539
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Tapas Saigon
Add: 53/26B Tran Khanh Du, District 1
Tel : 0909300803
5. Ly club
Ofen used as a venue for gatherings, networking meetings, and events where an air of wealth and sophistication is useful, Ly Club is a sure bet for making an impression on a date or business lunch. Built into a traditional French villa with wide elliptical arches, the atmosphere of naked opulence persists throughout the property.
Add: 143 Nam Ki Khoi Nghia, District 3
Asia cuisine restaurant
1.  Libai restaurant
Thoroughly traditional Chinese venue at the Sheraton hotel offering choice oriental delicacies againtst a backdrop of fine Chinese art. This opulent venue, open throughout the day, is one of the city’s more beautiful restaurants in this category.
Add: Level 2, 88 Dong Khoi Str, District 1
Tel: 08.38272828
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Ocean Palace
Add: 2 Le Duan Str, District 1
Tel: 08.39118822

2.  Ganesh

Ganesh serves authetic northern Indian tandooris and rotis with the hottest curries, dovas and vada from the southern region.
Add: 38 Hai Ba Trung Str, District 1
Tel: 08.82230173
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Bombay Indian restaurant
Add: 35 Dong Du Str, District 1
Tel: 0903863114

3.  Ichiban Sushi

Ichiban Sushi Vietnam serves fine sushi and signature drinks/cocktail in a lounge setting. Featuring one of the most electric Japanese menus in the city. The current Japanese venue to see and be seen in-everyone who’s anyone is there
Add: 204 Le Lai Str, District 1
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Sushi Bar restaurant
Add: 2 Le Thanh Ton Str, District 1
Tel: 08.38238042


4.  Won’s cuisine
One of the city’s most important Korean venues-not for reasons of authenticity, but rather for straying from the norms. The restaurant’s proprietress has infused so much of her own quirky tastes into the menu she’s completely ignored the conventions of the cuisine, making Won’s unique creation with an unforgettable taste.
Add: 49 Mac Thi Buoi Str, District 1
Tel: 08.38204085
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Seoul House restaurant
Add: 33 Mac Thi Buoi, District 1
Tel: 08.38294297

5. The Racha Room

Branch new fine & funky Thai venue with kooky styling and a great attitude-and some of the most finely-presented signature Thai cuisine you’ll see in this city, much of it authentically spicy. Long Live the King! Reservations recommended
Add: 12-14 Mac Thi Buoi Str, District 1
Tel: 0908791412
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Spice restaurant
Add: 27C Le Quy Don Str, District 1
Tel: 08.39307873