In the dental aesthetic index, the ideal distance between the gum (part that touches the teeth) and the upper lip is about 3mm. If the distance is longer, the condition is known as gummy smile. This is quite a common phenomenon and the treatment for this is not so complicated.


Causes of a gummy smile are divided into the following main categories:

• Gingiva (gum tissue) is too thick – due to natural causes or the impact of certain medicines.

• The lipline is too high (the muscle controlling the movement of the upper lip is hyperactive).

• The way your upper jaw bone grows.

• Alveolar bone is too large.

A gummy smile is not the cause of clinical diseases, but can be aesthetically and psychologically unpleasant. People with this disease are usually ‘afraid to smile’, or use their hand to cover the mouth. Let’s figure out the treatments for this disease!


As there are many causes of a gummy smile, doctors need to be highly specialized in order to identify an appropriate treatment. At Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center, gummy smile dental treatments include:

• Cutting excessive gum using laser

• Having upper jaw bone surgery

• Alter the shape of the lipline using minor operations

• Combining gum tissue surgery and alveolar bone grinding

Gummy smile treatment is not too complicated, and has become very popular in cosmetic dentistry in recent years. Statistics have shown that 15-20% of Asian people have gummy smile, and hundreds of thousands of cases have been resolved.

Images of Gummy smile treatment at Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center


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Excellent care and treatment for incredibly affordable prices I went in for a deep cleaning and wisdom teeth extraction. The deep cleaning and four wisdom teeth extraction were painless. Both procedures combined – lasted no more than 40 minutes. I experienced minor pain after the anesthetic had worn off. The prescribed medication dealt with the pain quickly. The pain was gone the very next day. Friendly staff and dentists. Excellent care and treatment for incredibly affordable prices.

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I was very pleased with Dr. Hung. The office was very clean and professional and on par with any Western medical facility. The staff were exceptionally friendly as well. I felt that the price was extremely fair considering I paid $150 for X-rays, extraction of a wisdom tooth, antibiotics, pain meds and a mouth rinse. I would have paid thousands for all of that in Canada. Highly recommend this clinic.

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